This article is to help explain how the Paiste custom ordering process works.  

The custom order carries a 30% additional surcharge.

1.  The Request

The process starts with the customer placing the request to us at Drum Center of Portsmouth.   We will determine the price based on which model you choose, and if you approve of the price, a request will be submitted to Paiste.  Based on the complexity of custom orders, this approval process could take months based on what time of year it is.  

  Please understand that this isn't a matter of you being ignored, or poor customer service.  It's a matter of factory capacity.  There are times during the year when the factory is at full capacity and custom orders cannot be entertained.  When that cycle slows down, custom order requests are addressed.  There is no way to speed this process up.

2.  Approval and Payment

  If the order is approved, Drum Center of Portsmouth will collect payment and then submit the order to Paiste.  Because it's a custom order, full payment is required.  

3. Lead time and Updates to Your Order

  The manufacturing and transit process is approximately 3-4 months.   We do not receive an update during this period, unless there is a problem, so simply put, no news is good news.  We receive a notification when the invoice arrives here, which means it will be delivered here within a few days.  At that point, we will ship the item to you and you will receive a tracking notification.